SCARA Field Day 2018 Club Station K2BR


The Field Day Chairman this year was, Bill, W2SY. We operated from the Canale Training Center on English Creek Ave. in Egg Harbor Township. There were approximately 40 members and guests who attended the event. Thanks to everyone who assisted before, during and after Field Day.
The Digital station was manned by Stan WA3JMV, Art K2AUX, Mike AC2RK and a few others. The public information table was manned by Bill KC2ONQ. Marie KD2BAQ, procured the food for Field Day. Those helping in the kitchen serving, preparing, and cooking food included Christine KD2OOZ, Michelle KD2PUY, Nancy N2ANG and others. Additional food items were supplied by members and spouses.
Here are the raw numbers before adding any bonus points:
There were 731 contacts made (last year 735 contacts) with the breakdown as follows:

CW 238 (last year 407)

PHONE 377 (last year 197)

DIGITAL 116 (last year 131)

We operated 4F from SNJ with a power multiplier of 2 because all contacts were made using less than 150 watts. CW and digital contacts count for 2 pts. each. Phone contacts are worth 1 pt. each. Therefore our total QSO pts. equal (2 x 238) + 377 +(2 x 116) = 1085. Multiplying 1085 x 2 (our power multiplier) = our claimed score of 2170 (last year 2546). To this value we add bonus points for 100% emergency power (400 pts.), set-up in public place (100 pts.), information booth (100 pts.), site visit by invited served agency official (100 pts.), site visit by elected government official (100 pts.) W1AW FD message copied (100 pts.), Satellite contacts completed (100 pts.), Educational Activity (Technician class by Bill KC2ONQ) (100 pts.) and FD entry submitted via the web (50pts.). This raises our claimed score to 3320 (last year 3696).

FD Pictures taken by Bob, WA2YSA
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Last Updated... August 10, 2018, 0030 UTC
Till next year... 73's KB2MN