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This page of the website will feature short articles about repairs or upgrades our members have completed on amateur radio equipment. All articles are subject to review by the website editor. Keep the submissions short and concise with no more than 6 images and 2 written pages. I will get to them when time allows. All other website tasks will be completed first. Please send all articles to Larry

Kenwood TS-930/TS940 XCVR Upgrade: Ben Johson WB2GUK

I recently pilot tested installing Compudigital's Kenwood TS-930 / TS-940 PA Replacement on my TS-930. I had previously upgraded the power supply, several months before the PA failed 16 months ago. The installation was straight forward and shouldn't take more than 2 hours at most with preparation and familiarization.

Jeff Hilliard and Dave Phillips spent a lot of time ensuring a good product. But, there is a wait list. If you have a TS-930 or TS-940 this is the easy answer, if it's in your budget.

The power supply upgrade is highly recommended and circumvents the inevitable; a power supply failure and it reduces the weight of the transceiver significantly.

Particulars are at
Attached are several images of the P A upgrade

Ben Johnson - WB2GUK


Last Updated... March 25, 2023 0030 UTC